NEW Squinkies Squashies Blind Bag Stocking Stuffers Coming Soon

Squinkies Squashies Hold onto your ‘Do’s everyone! Squinkies ‘Do Drops is about to make a lot of kids really happy this holiday season. Coming soon to toy aisles near you will be… Squinkies Squashies! This [...]

Squinkies and Making Learning Math Fun

Do you love Squinkies? Do you have a huge collection around your home? If so, let these little toys add a bit of fun into your child’s next math lesson. Check out these three ideas: [...]

3 Educational Benefits of Providing Toys for Children

It has long been said that playing is a child’s job. This is because kids gain more from playing than just about any other activity. Playing with toys is just as important for a child’s [...]

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Squinkies Spooky ‘Do Drops Halloween

What: The top 3 most voted on images will receive 1 full display (27 Blind Bags) each of Squinkies ‘Do Drops Mystery Villas. When: The winners will be announced on Oct. 21. Toys for Halloween [...]

Re:creation to bring back Squinkies with big plans for the UK

The collectible craze from 2011 is heading back to toy shelves early next year in the form of Squinkies 'Do Drops. Squinkies, the toy craze from 2011, is returning to the UK courtesy of Re:creation. [...]

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How To Pick The Best Toys For Kids

There is nothing quite like watching a child at play. It is truly amazing to watch little imaginations at work; the land of make believe is a magical place! When parents and other family members [...]

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